Michele Marie 2012

I have visited, lived, worked in Key West for just over 10 years.  My daughter, Mia, was born right after I started my destination wedding photography business.  I continued my destination wedding and portrait business out of Key West, Florida and have just recently started focusing more on developing my art images.

To me, having a camera in hand is as natural as breathing the air.  It’s how I communicate with people.  It has given me the opportunity in small ways to give back to the communities that I am involved in, either by donating my time to photograph an event or participate in my association’s annual Operation Smile campaign.  I hope to do more in the future.

While attending college and studying business, I found my way into a few photography art classes.  I was most influenced by my art teachers and one particular assignment:  Street Photography.  We studied artists, specifically, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who is known as the “master of the moment” or candid photography.  He is also the father of photojournalism. I have an image of two strangers interacting in Chicago’s Union Station – sharing a moment and a wonderful laugh.  It was a thrill to take the photo ‘on the street’ (actually inside Union Station on one of the coldest days in January) and then see what developed later in the darkroom.  My wedding and portrait photography is still, to this day, influenced by the challenge and thrill of capturing a moment that tells a story.

The beauty and intimacy that can be captured in a single moment is the biggest thrill and most challenging. It is the one that tells the story, beginning, middle and end. When that happens, it becomes the most precious moment to share. Telling the story of your wedding day or your family bond is a passion for me that I love to share.

As my art has developed over the years, I guess the words that I would use to describe my style would be…

 Simple. Relaxed. Classic.


Michele Marie

(305) 295-8645


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