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20180919-ChiFlag-DivSt_1007-Edit-2I’ve been driving by this empty lot for the past few weeks. It’s en route to my daughter’s school, around the 1800ish block of Division St. Each time I see it and the building with the bigger-than-life Chicago Flag mural, I think I just love that and need to take a picture! Today I finally did. And, bonus! I met the artists who created the mural.
Which in a very round about way is a great start/restart to my blog. I just moved back to Chicago with my daughter last month…I’ll bore you with that story another day. But, I think I have been waiting for the perfect day or perfect photo opp to photograph this artsy building. Which is really a bad habit that I have been trying break. Procrastination or the habit of waiting for the illusion of perfection to “launch”. The “it’s not the right time. I’m too busy. Too many other responsibilities. I don’t have the extra time/money/energy. No one will buy it. Or like it…” you know, that little voice that talks to us constantly, reinforcing our insecurity and fears. And, if we don’t learn to stand up and say, yes, you have a point, little annoying voice, but I’m gonna do it anyway…We will never launch…start…finish…explore…whatever your playbook is prescribing.
So, I stopped. Used my iPhone camera (as #ChaseJarvis would say, ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’…which I’ve always believed 100%).
Not only did I stop and get a cool image with the sun hitting just right, but the side door was open and the guys were working so I popped in to see if they knew anything about the property.  Is it private, could I do a photoshoot there, etc. Well, turned out two of the men were not only the owners, Rodrigo and Cesar, but also brothers, owners of CR Realty, and the painters. They were inspired to add back to their neighborhood and clean up their piece of it. And boy did they. It’s a mural that is so simple, but such a bright and positive statement on one of Chicago’s ever-changing and sometimes not so pretty landscapes. Division St. They painted the iconic Chicago Flag. (click to read about the flags symbolism)

Rodrigo & Cesar

Big. Bold. Bright. Positive.
Thank you for sharing your passion for the neighborhood.
So, don’t wait for perfection. Park the car. Take the picture. Say hi to your neighbors…you never know who or what synchronicity is waiting to happen.
Keep Wandering. Keep Wondering. Keep it Weird.
Michele Marie KW