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Location portraiture. Loving it on a casual Sunday session!Under the Stairs


The Home Studio – I’m very lucky to live in such a photogenic place.

What I love about location photography is that any location can be interesting, appropriate and beautiful. We used to think when we needed a portrait for the annual family memory, Senior Portrait or business profile, “we HAVE to go to the Portrait Studio”. With changes in the wedding industry to more exotic destinations with ‘picture perfect’ settings being the norm, the simple portrait also became more relaxed and more location focused vs. studio based.

Location Portraiture became hipper than formal Studio Photography (no offense to my studio photographer friends – trust me, they are still hip and amazingly creative). My twist on the location portrait is taking my client for a Portrait Stroll. What’s different from the Location Portrait is that we explore together a city block or neighborhood while we photograph. This adds to the interest and creativity of the session and the final images.


Just for fun – even a barricade can be cool on a Photo Stroll.

I’ve specialized in location portraiture pretty much always. First as a wedding photographer-I’ve never dragged a backdrop to a wedding-totally unnecessary; and, then second as location portrait artist. As location shooting became hip and accepted, the focus on the session was location with me, the photographer, coming to you at your home or a special location.


The Classic at Cigar Factory door.

Today your online, visual resume is just as important as excellent references. Todd came to me and needed to update his LinkedIn profile and resume – he’s job hunting. Instead of setting up in the studio with a boring blue background and Todd dressed in a dark suit and tie, we headed out in my rural town of North Manchester, Indiana. Todd dressed a bit more casual – jacket & jeans, he’s IT by the way.

In the Alley - thank you to Shannon & Missy for the cool garage backdrop.

In the Alley – thank you to Shannon & Missy for the cool garage backdrop.


We strolled around my home studio yard and alley, then moved downtown to explore the alleys and old architecture. It was relaxed, fun,  interactive and I think the results speak for the process.

stairs2 understairs


The Iron Staircase – timeless patina and beauty.

Creative but Simple. Edgy but Relaxed. Hip but Classic.

Where will your next Portrait Stroll lead?


Michele Marie